Black Gold Compost

$45.00 per cubic yard

This nutrient-rich, STA Certified compost is ideal for incorporating into the soil. Use for flower & vegetable gardens, lawns, and trees.

The minimum for delivery is 1 cubic yard.

Cubic Yards


Our STA Certified Black Gold Compost is a nutrient-rich compost that is ideal for incorporation into soils. The application of compost stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil. This will create a healthy soil that is particularly important to well-being of your plants. It is a black humus, or mature composted material, that is ideal for water retention. Our Black Gold Compost can hold up to 6 times its weight in moisture.

Black Gold Compost is a green sustainable material manufactured from grass clippings, leaves, small brush, and food residuals. It is a weed-free and stabilized organic matter source.

Recommended Uses

• Incorporate into garden soils for a one-step garden bed
• Turf renovating with this product is accomplished through top dressing
• Incorporate into new lawn development before seeding or sodding to allow faster turf growth and extensive rooting
• To reduce soil erosion and sediment movement
• Incorporate as a soil additive for tree and shrub planting soil
• Used to raise organic matter content in soils to make a healthy soil
• As an excellent addition to natural lawn care and gardening projects