Rain Garden Mix

$42.00 per cubic yard

A custom blend of soil and compost material ideal for cultivating bio-retention areas (or rain gardens) where rainwater and runoff collect for slow filtering into soil.

The minimum for delivery is 1 cubic yard.

Cubic Yards


Kansas City Composting (KCC) Rain Garden Mix is a highly engineered combination of Sands, Topsoil and STA Certified Black Gold Compost. KCC Rain Garden Mix meets or exceeds all area specifications for Rain Garden (Bioretention) soils. This unique blend allows for high permeability and supports vigorous native plant growth. KCC Rain Garden Mix filters stormwater and allows it to permeate back into the native soils sustainably as nature intended.

KCC Rain Garden Mix has been installed on hundreds of bioretention projects in Missouri and surrounding areas for the past 15 years. Kansas City Composting can provide all testing required to obtain permits. Kansas City Composting has the ability to custom blend any engineered soil to meet commercial specifications.

Recommended Uses

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a man-made depression on the ground that is used as a landscape tool to improve water quality. The rain garden forms a bioretention area by collecting water runoff, storing it, permitting it to be filtered by the media and absorbing any pollutants by the growing plants.