Raised Bed Mix

$52.00 per cubic yard

Raised Bed Mix is a blend of topsoil, sand, pine bark fine and Black Gold Compost that is specifically designed for use in raised planting beds or planting box gardens. This blend features a lower soil pH and allows better porosity and airspace in the soil for superior root zone conditions. Raised Bed Mix features an organic starter charge.

The minimum for delivery is 1 cubic yard.

Cubic Yards


Raised Bed Mix is an excellent choice for raised bed gardening. Formulated for both planting boxes and for raised beds on grade, this mix combines good drainage and soil porosity with good moisture-holding capacity.

Raised Bed Mix is great for vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens. RBM is formulated with a unique combination of ingredients in the blend which include native soil, compost, pine bark fines, and sand. An Organic (Omri Listed) starter fertilizer is integrated into the mix to help with quick plant establishment. An open soil structure allows for good drainage and allows roots to move through the soil more easily. In addition, the lower pH of this mix makes the soil more friendly to growing berries and other acid-loving plants.

Recommended Uses

  • For use in establishing and maintaining raised bed gardens
  • Incorporate into areas needing a boost of healthy rich soil
  • Can be used as a planting soil in raised garden boxes and beds